You're not alone.

According to the The 2021 Membership Marketing Benchmarking Report, 47% of associations are reporting declines in their total membership. Much of this is due to a decrease in membership renewals: this year, 45% of associations noted a downturn in renewals, which was nearly double what associations experienced in the previous year.

As associations likes yours work to combat this decline in renewals and overall membership, we need to understand why members fail to renew. According to MGI’s report, lack of engagement and a lack of value are the primary reasons for member churn. So with this in mind, it is important to reconsider how you engage members and how you add value.

"It's time to tap into your biggest asset - your people." - Josh Hotsenpiller

Here are 5 things you can do right now to confront the elephant and boost membership:

1.  Watch our webinar with a subject matter expert! The elephant in the room is no one knows the exact answer, so let's solve it together! Join Sequence Consulting Chief Strategy Officer Chris Vaughan as he guides us through the top tactics in his arsenal to solve this riddle. 

2.  Make sure your members are connecting with awesome event tools. Do you have 1:1 chat & video capabilities, breakout functionality, emojis, live chat, polling, Q&A, discussion forums, social feeds and groups for real-time connection and peer-to-peer learning? Learn more.

3.  Meet them where they are with a seamless app experience where they can connect and learn from the palm of their hand. Get an event app. 83% of event organizers are using one (eventbrite).

4.  Provide more value with personalized experiences using AI and machine learning. 86% of business leaders surveyed by the Harvard Business Review claimed that artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming mainstream technology in their company. Serve up the value they are expecting.

5.  Grow your membership by proving community value year-round. Go 365.

With the Millennial workforce shifting into decision-maker positions in a digital-first world, understanding your audience's needs has never been more important. 

And what do Millennials and all your members want more than anything? To connect. Members want to connect to your most valuable resource, and you need to be sure you're meeting them where they are with advanced connection tools and better hybrid event experiences.

Consider these statistics:

  • Event technology can increase event attendance by 20% (AMEX Global Meetings and Events Forecast)
  • 68% of marketers report that 1:1 meetings at virtual events help to improve audience satisfaction (Markletic)
  • Hybrid isn't going anywhere, with half of attendees considering hybrid the ideal format for the future over exclusively in-person or virtual options (Metrigy)

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