Build Your All-in-One Interactive Community.

JUNO, the digital community platform of the future, uses cutting-edge AI tech to facilitate authentic connections, enabling seamless collaboration, learning, and innovation across diverse interests and global audiences.

Here's how we measure up:

Can JUNO really meet all my members' needs?

Yes! Our competitors would say it's not possible. But we say a single login member platform is necessary to improve engagement, boost retention, and drive revenue. 

That's why JUNO platforms come equipped with everything you need to host your community, courses, content, and streaming in one place.
One login. Limitless possibilities.
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What about mobile?

An increasing number of members want to access content exclusively from their tablets and smartphones.

With JUNO, your entire platform is desktop and mobile accessible and optimized. It's easier than ever for your members to access your content anytime, anywhere.

Can I sell on JUNO?

Yes! Say goodbye to needing a separate online store to sell your subscriptions and other digital products.

JUNO integrates seamlessly with Stripe, and offers a smooth transaction experience for your team and your customers alike.

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What about other integrations?

We know how important it is to keep your data connected. JUNO offers both public API access and custom integrations.

Currently using a legacy community platform? Ask us about how to migrate your existing community data to JUNO!

Trusted by brands like:

"We went with JUNO because it was the only platform that had every piece we wanted (LMS, CMS, Knowledge Base and event platform) in one truly seamless solution. There were plenty of other options that said they did the same thing but once I demoed them realized I would have to make a lot of compromises and use a tool that wasn't created for the way I wanted to use it. There were 1-2 other options that were similar but the price was so astronomical I couldn't ever justify using our members' hard earned dues to pay for it. I also like your motivation to continue pushing what can be done and openness to new development opportunities."

-Shayna K, SEIU


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